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How embarrassing

I would actually dissolve

Um I would do this idgaf

this is how i go through life

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4c hair is so beautiful… #knowus

More terrible promo stuff



an emotional roller coaster from start to finish

Britsh people are so wild

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Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

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what's your process in animating? what program(s) do you use? how do you get those nice gradients? how's your day going? asked by hobgobbler



I animate everything in Flash CS6 on a, I think, 22 inch Cintiq at work. I’ve tried Photoshop because I love PS brushes but I’m still trying to get used to PS’s animation interface.

Generally I rough designs out first just to get the composition right or the design of main elements where I want and then start animating.  It’s a little different every time I guess depending on what I’m making.  Sometimes I rough out my animation first, but only for more complex things, otherwise I try to do straight ahead animation because it can sometimes save me from the whole clean-up process.  

GRADIENTS!!! are new for me, but I have really taken to them and they are quite easy.  Once you’ve got the shapes selected you want to add a gradient to go over to the lil paint palette icon CLICK IT,  check out that drop down menu that probably reads “Solid Colors”, fuck solid colors, open it and you’ll see two more, glorious options: linear gradients and radial gradients. I’ve included an extremely sub-par visual aid:


It’s going to default to black to white which is gross unless you’re into that so go ahead and click the lil’ boxes there and change the colors to whatever you’d like.  You can change the size and direction of the gradients with (i think its called) the gradient transform??? I’ve run out of room for photos in the response I think.  It’s in the toolbar.  Three cursors down from the top, inside the Free Transform tool.  

Those are the quick and dirty gradient basics.  You can very easily google a far more cohesive instructional (thats how I learned.)

I really like the gradient tool to sort of stretch the limits of how Flash can look, which is often flat and digital looking in a very unflattering way.  I use gradients to give the illusion of depth in a composition and a more three dimensional look to my silhouetted shapes.  You can really step up your sense of atmosphere by implying a consistent light source with your placement of gradients too!  Granted this is all sort of specific to the GIFs I make at ADHD, which are ALL 500x500 pixels and mostly limited in movement of their elements.  None the less, I highly encourage you to learn the gradient tool and what you like about it because it’s only going to be another tool to strengthen your work!  

As for my day, it’s gone pretty well.  It’s just ended actually - it’s midnight now.  I went to work.  Made two GIFs I’m fairly please with.  Came home with Polly and got this BOMB ASS Thai food delivered while we watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

THANKS FOR ASKING, hobgobbler !!!



top 6 selfies of 2k14

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OMG i never saw this. FUCK IT UP VIANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Single Ladies Remix by Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj


1992: House Party @ Webster Hall: Performance by Jungle Pussy

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i havent rly taken any fuego/zamn selfies so far this year here are 7 random 1s of me with short hair. but different aesthetics tbh. from 2k14. god bless


The Grand Budapest Hotel screenplay 💖


The Grand Budapest Hotel screenplay 💖

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